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UNION play poster M.jpg
UNION was produced Off-Broadway by The Oberon Theater Company in the Spring of 2001. It opened to good reviews on February 9th and had a limited run to March 9th. Brad Fryman produced with Emily Tetzlaff directing. Whitney Hamilton played the lead - "Grace/Henry Kieler" with Caroline Duncan originating the role of "Virginia Klaising" Rebecca Damon originates the role of Jesse Tull, Virginia's sister. UNION was adapted for film and released in 2019 on all VOD platforms. The prequel, My Brother's War, was filmed in 2004 and streams on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.
Murder play.jpg
Henry chats with V play.jpg
Henry meets V play.jpg
Dancing with Louise.jpg
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Wedding play.jpg
V and Jesse2 play.jpg
Louise and Jo play.jpg
Henry threatens Lloyd.jpg
v bathes Henry Play.jpg
Photos courtesy Mickey Pantano
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