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Sideshow Banners
I began painting these sideshow banners as part of production design for a film I was making called, "A Rogue in Londinium". The film is about an artist suspected of being Jack the Ripper and was very loosely based on Walter Sickert. One of my favorite films is David Lynch's "The Elephant Man" and so I wanted very much to depict the sideshow of the era. As a side note, early in my career I worked at Aperture in the 1980's and was very influenced by Randal Levenson's book, "In Search of the Monkey Girl". These art works are painted on Home Depot canvas tarps that measure about 72" x 48". I used Acrylic since it was a better durable medium. Since the paintings are meant to be hung by ropes they have been rolled up in storage and the paint has held up for the most part.
beaulah o'brady2.jpg
animal-or-monstre copy.jpg
Siamese Twins copy.jpg
geek girl.jpg
maskelyne copy.jpg
magic lantern copy.jpg
octopus man2.jpg
These banners will be shipped in at least 60" mailing tubes
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