Color Correction
I have worked in DaVinci Resolve for many years 'roundtripping' to Adobe Premiere. In November 2019 I took a deep dive intensive into basic and intermediate Color Correction as well as editing in DaVinci Resolve at Manhattan Edit Workshop. Since Covid-19 shut everything down in March, I've only had the opportunity for coloring one short film. I will post more projects here as they develop. Thanks for looking!
This short film was shot on both the Black Magic pocket 4K and the DJI Osmo. The black magic files were raw and the Osmo files 4K compressed. I balanced the tones first and then the contrast. I worked with a Martin Scorcese LUT created from the look of "Goodfellas". Since this was a spoof on "The Irishman" I thought it a fitting look and feel for the subject matter. I used an SFX mask to get the orange color on the actor's face. Time consumig but well worth it in the end.