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Secret Language Poster SM.jpg
Photo courtesy Wendy Ploger
"The Secret Language of Circumstance" was written in the Weird Sister's Playwrighter's lab 1998. It was part of Ensemble Studio Theatre's annual Octoberfest staged readings of new plays in 2000. Directed by Eric Parness. It received another reading in 2013 at Resonance Ensemble Theater with Eric Parness Producing and Directing.  Was Saint Joan burned at the stake for Heresy or because she may have been nonbinary, gender fluid and queer? A middle aged woman, a painter and a psychic/medium in a Southern town is thrown into a mental institution when she successfully predicts the assassinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. claiming that Joan of Arc is one of her 'voices'. Illuminating both the Civil Rights Era and the European witch hunts 'Secret Language' speaks to the social injustice and institutional murder of marginalized groups cycling through lifetimes and history.
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Black and White photos courtesy Mickey Pantano
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