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Earth Temples
"Malkuth" - The Kingdom, 2018 Cane, twine, kudzu vine, tree branches, quartz crystals and solar light.
My father was an unknown and overlooked environmental artist. Coming from humble indigenous and farm-folk beginnings in Oklahoma, I inherited his love of farming, gardening and environmental sculpture/installations. Working with found organic material to celebrate the earth in its complicated design and simplicity brings me amazing joy and comfort. These earth temples are tempered in color and where color is of the natural world, form becomes the idealization of harmonic, conjunctive thought. I call them earth temples. Spirals, pyramids, huts and cylindrical forms harken back to the ancient use of altars and places of reverence for the environment. They are invariably temporary as the earth digests them back into herself through weather and decomposition. In some places I erect another earth temple on top of the ruins of the prior. People who stumble upon them in the woods find an eccentric surprise and a sense of wonder. A place to contemplate and question. In that way the viewer becomes an active storyteller decifering the reason and existence of the temples. They become markers in the cycles of nature and seasons and the infinite power and wonder of nature is a co-conspirator in the making and breaking of the temples.
Following the zig-zag of the lightning strike in the Tree of Life, each structure is a temple to sacred meaning and meditation - an alchemical journey through internal nature as well as physical nature.
Moon Temple.JPG
"Yesod" - Foundation. 2017. Temple to the Moon.  Stone, wine, branches.
Mercury temple.jpg
"Hod" - Splendor. 2017. Temple to Mercury. Kudzu and wisteria vines, branches and solar lights
"Netzach" - Eternity. 2017. Temple to Venus. Kudzu and wisteria vines, branches and solar lights
"Tiferet" - Beauty. 2017. Temple of the sun. Wisteria Vines and solar lights.
Mars temple2.jpg
"Gevurah" - Strength. 2018. Temple to Mars. Crepe Myrtle stalks, Kudzu vines, stones and solar lights
Zeus Love.jpg
"Chesed" - Mercy. 2018. Temple to Jupiter. Hibiscus stalks, kudzu and wisteria vines and solar lights
Malkuth 20 SM.jpg
"Malkuth" - Kingdom. 2020. Rebuilt on ruins of Malkuth.
Hod 20 SM.jpg
"Hod" - Splendor. 2020. Built on the ruins of Hod.
Netzach20 SM.jpg
"Netzach" - Eternity. 2020. Built on the ruins of Netzach
These structures are ever evolving. As I build something new an older installation collapses. I hope to make all the structures - all ten Sefirot - leading to the top of the tree of life. Each endeavor is a meditative and profound learning experience and a deeply meaningful exchange and immersion in the mystical waters of nature. On September 25th, 2020 I began my day and planned on resuming my work on rebuilding Malkuth. I was gifted a snake skin and visited by three curious and possibly aggressive copperhead snakes. I intuitively felt the kundalini rising and realized the moment as sacred and serious.
Snake skin SM.jpg
Sanke 3 SM.jpg
Snake 2 SM.jpg
Snake 1 again SM.jpg
Water snake SM.jpg
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