Grace Kieler had a comfortable life in Charleston, SC until the outbreak of the Civil War. After losing everyone in her family but her sister, Louise, Grace found herself in the uniform of her dead Confederate brother, Henry. Louise donned the gray of their little brother, Will. Both women fought as men at Antietam but only one survived. After the war, Grace, still living as Henry, tries to find work near Shepherdstown, WV. Henry meets Virginia, a blind widow desperate to keep her farm from being sold out from under her. She proposes to Henry and they marry. They work side by side in the fields and Virginia begins to Fall for the rebel boy. Henry is comforted by his new wife. Together they are able to mend the wounds that tear at the underpinnings of the heart. As love blooms and Henry's secret becomes harder to conceal, the two realize they have something precious--an unspoken love that reveals the soul. See the Kirkus Review.



"This is such a moving, powerful book written with such elegance and poise. Despite the weight of the plot and subject matter in the first half (wow, wanted to slit my wrists at one point!), it ends ultimately on such promise and hope. The analogies alone are some of the most lyrical I have ever read. And Virginia is a complex, fascinating character. I love how the author juxtaposed both her strength and frailty, her breakdowns and her ability to recover from the harshest of tragedies. And the times where Henry switches back to Grace, how different this person is depending on the clothing/persona she embodies. Grace seemed more authoritative, mature and in control than Henry, yet it's Henry's shyness, respect, and his relationships with both people and the land that she ultimately craves.  Can't say enough about how incredible this book is, definitely one of the best in the genre."   Amazon customer

​Whitney Hamilton

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