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Illustration by Renu Sharma
"A Wake in Maam Cross" was written in the Weird Sisters Playwrighter's lab in 2000. It has had multiple readings with various New York City repertory theater companies including: Oberon Theater Company, Accidental Rep with John Strasberg and New Circle Theater. The play allowed me to enroll in  the Julliard playwrighting program with a letter of recommendation from Austin Pendleton (2015). However, lack of financial aid prevented me from attending. Coverage from the Austin Film Festival Writer's competition 2020: "The supernatural aspect of this piece makes it unique and fascinating. The play as a whole, I would say, explores the theme of how our parents give us our identity. It becomes captivating with some surprising reveals. The characters were believable and fully developed. They had dimension and subtext. The writer also did an excellent job of differentiating them with unique characteristics and points of view. The writer did a fantastic job with the dialogue, providing just enough information without feeling like exposition or too on the nose. It clips along at a fast and fun pace."  It is a story of coming home with ancient origins, a ghost story, a murder mystery and a story of unfulfilled desire. (Vanessa Redgrave and Angela Lansbury are the two actresses that are my wish list for this play and adapted film).
Illustration by Kai Carpenter
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